All software and tools that will be developed as part of the project will me made available on an open source basis to the UK HE and FE community, with a licence permitting their free non-commercial and development. In the past we have used a BSD style licence, but we are open to adopting another appropriate one. The licence for the data has yet to be determined since there may be research interests to protect initially.

We will seek advice from OSS Watch (, with whom we have liaised previously on a number of occasions. We will also adhere to guidance from the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK and JISC’s Policy on Open Source Software for JISC Projects and Services where appropriate.

The blog is being classified with a Creative Commons licenceĀ  (Attribution-ShareAlike)…. although there may be the odd photograph etc which retain full copyright restrictions.

One Response to “Project Plan: IPR (Licensing for Content, Source Code and Data)”

  1. on 15 Apr 2011 at 4:11 pmGregory Marler

    I like that you say you’re open to using other licenses. Though there are obviously good reasons to state a specific license by the end of a project, it goes with the open source ideals (not blocking innovation & further development) to also be open to conversation if someone has a problem with a minor detail in the license.