We’ve just had our 3rd steering committee meeting – where is the time going?  The good news is that the team have made great strides forward in terms of designing and coding the application.  The bad news?  Well, our university level application to the Apple App store for an account has been showing no signs of progressing, which is frustrating given our time constraints – were not sure exactly what the problem is but due to time pressure we’re circumventing the issue by taking out a single user account linked back to the university.

Jasper and Chris, our two developers, gave a great demo of the application as it sits so far, using an emulator – the next steps are going to involve coding the iPhone version and checking it out on the appropriate hardware to see how it holds up.  Will the camera control work?  And the GPS?  Fingers crossed…  The guys have got a really tight deadline for getting this done since we need at least a month for the powers that be at Apple to give the code the thumbs up.  And the App’s got to be ready and available on the 1st July….

The design is shaping up nicely too.  Ben and Stuart have been hard at work trying to get the design and branding right.  Ben has had some issues centred mostly around the UI components (native libraries) in PhoneGap.  It looks as if designing everything from scratch might be the best option given that we have the time, ability and capacity to do it.  I say “we” in the royal sense…. I really just mean Ben and he may argue with the time element of that statement.

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