For at least the last two months a core of the project group have been meeting and mulling over the potential for developing future business for the application… or a derivative thereof.  We’ve identified both a number of outlets for it and potentially interested parties, principally in the arena of invasive pests – largely plant species.  There are also potential uses for the application within general biological survey and for more community based biological projects.  It will be great to see how some of these ideas and leads pan out.  The idea of sustaining the application beyond the life of research into the horse chestnut leaf miner moth makes the effort being put into the project seem even more worthwhile.

One Response to “The app – the future…”

  1. on 31 May 2011 at 2:22 pmNicola Osborne

    In terms of alternative pest infestations how about clothes moths? There have been lots of discussions on the Today programme recently (e.g. their tweet today:!/BBCr4today/statuses/75540309257355264) about apparent increases in their numbers…