It must be my age as I’m starting to repeat myself but I really can’t believe where the time it’s going.  Steering committee meeting number four is just around the corner and the project is going great guns.  The guys designing and coding for the application have worked like Trojans over the last few weeks to finish the code for the iPhone. This is now being tested and we’re hoping to try it out on every iPhone version from the 3G onwards this week – although we have had a little bit of trouble finding anyone with an older version.  However, that being said, once it’s been put through its paces and we’ve ironed out any issues we will be submitting to the App Store by the beginning of next week in order to give us roughly the apparently necessary month for Apple to approve it – it will then be ready for wider dissemination and download by anyone who wants it.  Very exciting.

The version for the Android market has also pretty much been finished but that’s been found to be a little bit more buggy.  However, we have quite a bit more time to iron out any problems with that version since there’s less of a bottleneck when it comes to making the code available to the public for Android phones.

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