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iPhone Version Submitted to Apple

We reached a major milestone in the project yesterday – the iPhone version of the App was given a final polish by the lead developer and then submitted to Apple for validation.  Everything seemed to go according to plan and now it’s just a case of waiting for any feedback from Apple.  Fingers crossed there […]

More user feedback

“I have downloaded the app without any problems and sent 4 dummy reports. I found the app very straightforward, easy and fun to use. Started by reading the ‘Getting Started Guide’ which was interesting but I was eager to get started and found the the record taking section was self explanatory anyway. Overall I would rate […]

Android Account on the way

We’ve now requested a Univeristy of Bristol Android account so that we can make the second platform specific version available.  Owing to the lack of a protracted validation period for Android apps we will hang on to this version for longer in order to enable us to do some more rigorous user testing and ensure […]

User Testing Feedback

Our usability expert has distributed the iPhone version of the application to a fair number of the smart phone users who registered on last year’s “conker tree science” project.  They’ve been out and about testing the application and have already provided some really good feedback about it. There were a few comments suggesting useful tweaks […]

And so it begins…

It’s only the middle of June but already several horse chestnut trees close to my home in Chippenham are looking the worse for wear.  Myriad horse chestnut leaf miner moth caterpillars are chomping through the leaves at an impressive pace and it won’t be long before most of the trees in this area are starting […]

The App is here…

The fourth steering committee meeting has just taken place and the project is looking to be in good shape (he says furtively looking around for a lump of wood to touch). The developers on the project were able to demonstrate a fully functional version of the application on an iPhone 4 and I have to […]