The App is here…

The fourth steering committee meeting has just taken place and the project is looking to be in good shape (he says furtively looking around for a lump of wood to touch).

The developers on the project were able to demonstrate a fully functional version of the application on an iPhone 4 and I have to say (despite being biased) first impressions were very good indeed.  The application looks great and has a really intuitive feel to it and what is more, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.  However, that’s not to say it is perfect  – these things rarely are.

The team identified several issues which, although not major problems, really need to be ironed out before the application is released.  Owing to both the short duration of the project and to the ever advancing life cycle of the moth we have a very, very tight deadline to implement these changes – a few days at most.  The team are confident they can do it and if all goes well the App will be registered with the App Store (for which we finally managed to get University of Bristol account) by Friday 17th of June.  We’re hoping the validation process at Apple won’t take any longer than two to three weeks,  since the App really needs to be available by the beginning of July.

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