User Testing Feedback

Our usability expert has distributed the iPhone version of the application to a fair number of the smart phone users who registered on last year’s “conker tree science” project.  They’ve been out and about testing the application and have already provided some really good feedback about it.

There were a few comments suggesting useful tweaks but in terms of overall functionality everyone seemed to think that the Nature Locator App was very easy to use, intuitive and slick.

User testing will continue even after we have submitted the App since we’re hoping to have time to update it after the inital version is released.  Below are some of the comments we received about the iPhone version.

“Just used app. Seems very easy to use. The first record i took in the garden within wifi range of house, but it failed to send. The second I took in the house and submitted very easily. Will try the app later when i shall be crossing some farm land. Initially I think the app is very user friendly and would rate the instructions as very good and ease of use as ecellemt.”
“I have downloaded the app without any problems and sent 4 dummy reports. I found the app very straightforward, easy and fun to use. Started by reading the ‘Getting Started Guide’ which was interesting but I was eager to get started and found the the record taking section was self explanatory anyway.


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