More user feedback

“I have downloaded the app without any problems and sent 4 dummy reports. I found the app very straightforward, easy and fun to use. Started by reading the ‘Getting Started Guide’ which was interesting but I was eager to get started and found the the record taking section was self explanatory anyway. Overall I would rate the experience as excellent as it was easy to use and also much more fun than I had expected, I find myself tree spotting now for later!”


Ok so i’ve just taken my dogs for a walk and tried the app and it’s great!! so simple and straightforward to use, the weathers a bit grotty just now but will take some more  pics later if it dries up . . . .  but 1st impressions are very positive.  I cant think of any way you could simplify the process except maybe to have an alert to remind you to take a snap now and again? – hope that helps”

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