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Since Monday our app has climbed another 3 places and is now at number 3 in the Education Free App chart!!!  Exciting!

300 submissions and climbing

As the map below shows we’ve been getting a steady flow of submissions from the app since launching.  We’ve also been pleased with their distribution  – I think we were all worried at first that we might be the only ones using it.

App is Number 6 in the iTunes Free App Chart

The team were also really pleased to see that our app “Conker Tree Science: Leaf Watch” has climbed to number 6 in the iTunes Education Free app chart (as of 18th July)!!

App featured on iTunes App Store home page

Our app “Conker Tree Science: Leaf Watch” is currently feature on the iTunes App Store home page under the “New and Noteworthy” category.

We’ve exceeded 100 downloads for the iPhone and have 50-100 for the Android version of the phone.  Also getting a healthy number and distribution of records submitted…. it’s not just me doing it then!

The moth makes an appearance…

If you’re following these posts you may have noticed that there’s been a distinct absence of images of the horse-chestnut leaf mining moth itself.  Chewed up leaves – check.  Larvae in the leaf – check.  Adult moth – ……?….. The reason for this is that the adult moths themselves are pretty small, measuring about 4-5mm […]

Promoting the app

Last Friday I went to Cirencester College to promote the app.  They were holding an environmental day which I managed to gate crash and there was a good amount of interest in the app and the horse-chestnut leaf miner. Many people had noticed the state of horse-chestnut trees and there was also a good awareness […]

Out now… the app goes live

Hot on the heels of the iPhone version of our app being given the green flag by Apple on Wednesday 29th June we launched the android version.  This went up on the Marketplace on Friday. The iPhone version has a Preview page on the iTunes website: The Android Marketplace information page can be seen […]