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We’ve recently exported the latest data gathered by our app “Leaf Watch” into a Google Fusion table.  This enables you to map the data very easily and has shown us quite clearly the distribution of records. I hesitate to say that it reflects the true distribution of the moth but it certainly gives us a […]

Submissions using the app are gathering pace

Today we broke the 3000 submission mark from the app!  That’s about 1000 submissions since my last post 11 days ago – really encouraging stuff. With the app doing exactly what it’s supposed to, the project is now turning its attention to how to draw on the power of the masses to check and verify […]

We’ve broken the 2000 submissions mark

This week we exceeded 2000 submissions from the app. Having had a quick look through the images in Google’s App engine there are very few… how can I put it… , erroneous images. We’ve acquired several pictures of couples (bless), one of a 9 year old’s birthday party (ahhh) – you can tell her age […]

Stephen Fry’s Tweet

Had 10 mins today to dig around and find Stephen’s tweet….

Stephen Fry contributes to app’s visibility

Being a short project with the launch of the product (the app) being over halfway through the project’s nine-month lifespan I admit to being apprehensive about the marketing, and resulting visibility, of the app. However, to date, off the back of our determined albeit small-scale efforts to get the app “out there” two significant things […]