Today we broke the 3000 submission mark from the app!  That’s about 1000 submissions since my last post 11 days ago – really encouraging stuff.

With the app doing exactly what it’s supposed to, the project is now turning its attention to how to draw on the power of the masses to check and verify the data collected.  I’m really excited about this phase of the project and feel that if it works we will have a great model to show other people interested in collecting large quantities of field data where the logistics of validating records is too much for a single person or team.

The biologists on the project are also making links with a team at the University (of Bristol) who is developing a computer program capable of identifying plant leaf diseases.  Our data might well be a great test for their product and it could add a whole new dimension of automation to the workflow.  Not sure how it will cope with the pictures of people’s faces, and other body parts though……


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