Is it in Scotland yet??

There was a real flurry of excitement yesterday when we analysed the spattering of Scottish records we’d received.

We had 60 or so records from Scotland, many of which showed heavily mined horse chestnut leaves – the first instance of horse chestnut leaf miner moths being recorded in Scotland (as far as we know).  However, the excitment was short lived as we realised the data had thrown a wobbly whilst being exported.  We re-analysed it.  No Scottish horse chestnut leaf miner records yet from the app…..

We really need more records from Scotland (and also West Wales and the South West of England).  Whether or not your horse chestnut trees have leaf mines, we want to see the records.  So if you’re an Android or iPhone smart phone owner and you live in Scotland please download and submit records of all horse chestnut trees in your area!


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