The best kind of review

Due to our little mishap recently we collected a few rather bad reviews on the Android Marketplace.  The app didn’t work, so people told us what they thought – and why shouldn’t they?

What I’m really impressed with however, is that two of the people that initially left negative reviews came back and “upgraded” their rating and review once the system came back on-line.

Reviews left by app users

I thought this was a really great example of how feedback should/could work.  It’s an example I’ll remember when I’m rating other people’s apps or product, since a few negative reviews can really deflate you and worse still, potentially put people off using it.  Fine if it really is rubbish, but when there’s been a small hiccup, it would be unfortunate for it to turn into something bigger.  And Phil.t was even good enough to think about how we might improve upon the app to aid its visibility.

If I ever manage to get some degree of access to the Google account used to upload and manage the app I’ll personally thank them for their proactive approach to providing feedback.  But in the meantime, I’ll just have to hope they read this blog.

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