Alongside the validation widget we’ve included a small degree of gamification.  That is to say, we’ve attempted to try to stimulate participation by turning the validation process into a game.  In order to do this we thought that simple is best and we opted for a leader board.  Only the top five validators are shown but your position, and total of validated records, is always shown.

It’s an interesting question to ask whether the benefit providing a small incentive like this outweighs the cost.  The main benefit is that people are motivated to compete and they feel rewarded for their efforts by appearing on the leader board.  The possible costs include:

  • that latecomers to the process may feel turned off by seeing the apparently insurmountable mountain in front of them
  • that those who are highly competitive may put quantity ahead of quality showing less attention to detail, resulting in low accuracy.

With any luck we’ll be able to analyse the results and assess whether those further up the leader board were more or less accurate than those further down.

Rather than becoming addicted to validating records I seem to have become rather addicted to watching the escalating number of records being validated (that’s my excuse anyway!).  Long may it continue!

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