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App featured on the One Show

After a few false starts, the One Show made contact with the project and asked to record a piece about the horse chestnut leaf miner moth for their show on Friday 16th.  Project members Michael Pocock (Uni of Bristol) and Darren Evans (Uni of Hull) did a sterling job of discussing the problem and even […]

Interview on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today 14/9/2011

I was interviewed yesterday by Anna Hill from BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme about the Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner and our app: Leaf Watch. Interview available until 20th Sept (from 6.03 – 8.50 mins) at:

Sunday Times to feature article on Leaf Watch

I was working from home yesterday, which was fortunate as I had a phone call from a reporter from the Sunday Times interested in the Leaf Watch app and in crowd sourcing. She wanted to speak to a “real” user of the app also, which proved more of a challenge than it seemed it should […]

Article in Wiltshire Magazine

I wrote an article about the horse chestnut leaf miner which is featured in Wiltshire Magazine (Aug/Sept edition).  People are often aware there’s a problem but don’t necessarily know what the cause is.  Mangaged to plug the app too of course.

Is it in Scotland yet??

There was a real flurry of excitement yesterday when we analysed the spattering of Scottish records we’d received. We had 60 or so records from Scotland, many of which showed heavily mined horse chestnut leaves – the first instance of horse chestnut leaf miner moths being recorded in Scotland (as far as we know).  However, […]

4000 uploads and counting

Well, the app is really proving its worth.  Today we received the 4000th upload which is fantastic, given the short time we had to tell people about its existence.

We’ve recently exported the latest data gathered by our app “Leaf Watch” into a Google Fusion table.  This enables you to map the data very easily and has shown us quite clearly the distribution of records. I hesitate to say that it reflects the true distribution of the moth but it certainly gives us a […]

Submissions using the app are gathering pace

Today we broke the 3000 submission mark from the app!  That’s about 1000 submissions since my last post 11 days ago – really encouraging stuff. With the app doing exactly what it’s supposed to, the project is now turning its attention to how to draw on the power of the masses to check and verify […]

We’ve broken the 2000 submissions mark

This week we exceeded 2000 submissions from the app. Having had a quick look through the images in Google’s App engine there are very few… how can I put it… , erroneous images. We’ve acquired several pictures of couples (bless), one of a 9 year old’s birthday party (ahhh) – you can tell her age […]

Stephen Fry’s Tweet

Had 10 mins today to dig around and find Stephen’s tweet….

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